Seasoned Songs

Last year when I was  on exchange in Flagstaff Arizona, around this time of the year, it was starting to get very cold on the mountain top. As I marveled over the fact that Halloween was drawing close and carving out pumpkins. I also noticed how relevant all the hits on the radio were for the season. It was all about the ‘ sweater weather’ vibe.

As Christmas drew nearer, i found it so cool listening to my Christmas playlist and having actual snow and warm fires to sit by. My American friends  couldn’t quite comprehend how we Australians not only had an Australian summer over Christmas, but also listened to songs such as ‘ Walking in a Winter Wonderland.’

‘ Isn’t that weird?’

As Australians, we grow up with a lot of music that is disconnected from our current lives, yet still seems to fit in perfectly. Calvin Harris’ hit  ‘ Summer’ came out just before winter, as did numerous  other hits. it made me wonder, do we therefore just have the same hits at the top of the charts for a longer amount of time?

I am sure that some of the hits on now have currently been up there for quite some time. I also noticed that when Christmas songs play in Australia, as soon as new years hits, they’re gone. We live by a rule that as of the first of december, christmas music is allowed for one month. As soon as that month is up, it’s straight back to the summer playlists. If we played it from October till February like America does, then we would end up with a very strange mix of songs.

Down in Aus it’s all about the beach, the  fast hits and the lazy afternoons by the pool, rather than by the fireside. I wonder if more kids in Australia stop believing in Santa at an earlier age because they know that the songs of Santa coming down the Chimney on a cold night and wearing a velvet red suit would be far too hot. Besides, most of the houses in Australia don’t have Chimney’s. It just doesn’t get cold enough.

Funnily enough, the most connected to home i felt throughout December was when I was in Phoenix and songs about christmas’ in California came on. It was almost like having it actually snow during December was too real! the point of this, is that people can connect to songs in different and unique way since we also listen to music in unique ways.

So, when you are considering how people listen to music, remember that music is as diverse as people,

and even though it’s 36 degrees outside, sometimes i want  to listen to winter wonderland.