Being a Fan, you need to learn R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Music fans 

As a fan of music, I try my best to be respectful of others music choices. Afterall, that is what Stop Music Elitism is all about. However stopping Music Elitism isn’t just about appreciating the different tastes of music. It is also about respecting your fellow fans and of course, the artist.

Isn’t that kind of obvious? Well westernized humans have been raised to think selfishly. Everything is ‘my house, my family, my job, my favourite artist, my place in the line.’ It’s survival of the fittest, and apparently it applies to how we act towards each other in general.

The other day I bought my tickets to Ed Sheeran’s next album tour. I am extremely excited to see him, but also quite uneasy about our tickets. It’s not because tickets these days are extremely expensive, it’s not that I got bad seats, it is that I got the standing area. Those are supposed to be some of the best tickets at the concert right? I have the chance to get right up close and personal with Ed, but that is exactly what the other few hundred people with standing tickets think and last time, that became a huge problem.

Now as a person i veer towards the short side, so I like to head towards the front of the stage,because I want to be able to see it. At Ed’s last concert everyone seemed to have the same idea, but instead of politely accepting their place in the crowd after the initial rush there were ridiculous amounts of pushing forwards and backwards from the fans. I got separated from my siblings and felt like I was being crushed alive at some points of the night. It got so intense that they had to send in a group of security to physically force people back, acting like a barrier. So intense that Gabrielle Aplin had to stop her opening act to tell people to calm down.

Is that not ridiculous?  I am not someone to hate on other fans, I never look down on those who jump on the bandwagon later then others, and I am always appreciative when an artist becomes more popular because that means there is more chances of getting some awesome new music. However, at that moment, I hated the other fans. I hated the girl who yelled out ‘ I LOVE YOU’ to Ed when he had asked repeatedly for silence. I hated the people who were squashing my alive. I hated that they didn’t  show any respect for eachother, I hated that they didn’t show any respect for the performers.

So this is just a reminder that your love for an artist does not hold more value than somebody else.

Your love for an artist does not give you the right to mistreat others in the crowd and it definitely does not give you the right to disrespect the artist themselves.

So in wake of these concerts this is my reminder.

we are all here for the same reason so treat each other right.

Stopping Music Elitism includes showing a bit more R.E.S.P.E.C.T.


Musical Elitism Is Real

The other day we had a submission from one of our followers, Sean Johnston on his experience of music elitism. Musical Elitism is prevalent in today’s society and in a society where music is one of the only pure forms of release for a person stories like Sean’s show it is important to respect all musical choices even if it isn’t one you would make yourself.

My first ever Cd I owned was Savage Garden. I was clearly destined for greatness. I played it on my nifty second hand walkman my brother handed down to me. Little did I know that the great feeling I got from my beats and tunes would later be met by an overpowering hatred an alienation from my peers… Just because my music wasn’t the preferred taste of the majority I wasn’t allowed to ride shotgun in my “mates car”… I felt inadequate as a person. One day I realised, all music is beautiful. Music is a concoction of sounds, its a primitive thing to enjoy as it is but if one person likes that concoction of sounds well then it is music, beautiful music.


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