Snoop Dogg is acting like the little b*tch he named himself after. [IGGY AZALEA]

You have probably heard about the feud between Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg. If you haven’t then you might as well have been living under a rock because it is the biggest news in the  music and social media world this week.

There have been speculations from sites such as the Washington post, that it may all just be a big fake PR stunt. If that is the case, then congratulations on the reach to them. However, we must remember the problem that caused this feud in the first place, and that is Snoop Dogg’s bizarre sense of Music Elitism.

Other claims, such as reverse racism and sexism have also been mentioned. In fact Snoop Doggs behaviour was so disgusting that most publications will not share the exact thing he said in a now deleted Instagram directed at Iggy Azalea.

For those of you who need a quick capture of what happened, the feud sprang from the following Instagram post by Snoop which Azalea found extremely insulting.

Snoop throwing shade at Iggy.

Iggy Azalea took to twitter to respond to Snoop Dogg’s cruel joke, featuring an albino African American Woman. Insulting not one, but two woman. Azalea asked why he had acted like such an ass and continued to question Snoop Dogg.

Rather than taking the high road, Snoop followed up with a series of insulting posts to further the feud.


After Interference from T.I., Iggy’s mentor and Snoops pal via the phone, In a Video hosted on TMZ Snoop Dogg apologized for the feud stating ” It’s done”

Whilst the feud may be done, the damage is not. Snoop has made a name for himself for being, for no want of a better word: ‘a little bitch’ about the situation and his cowardly actions show just why no-one will ever  refer to him as ‘ Snoop Lion’

The world of rap is becoming more and more mainstream, and teasing Iggy for her resemblance to that guy from white chicks ( who was trying to look like a very pretty blonde by the way) is a cruel joke. To add salt to the wound though, Snoop posted that photo about the significant female rappers, that being no one. This was not only insulting to Iggy Azalea, but female rappers all around the globe who continue to not get enough recognition for their own ability to spit out a tune.

While rap is not to everyone’s taste in the first place, most can appreciate the poetry behind it  but when rappers get musically elite, and start to undercut other successes of their own genre, I start to see why people so easily turn away from rap.

Snoop dog, we don’t know what kind of drugs you’re on to find it funny or acceptable to insult and swear about another artists looks, but in case you haven’t already seen all the news: IT IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE OKAY.

Firstly, it implies that a female artist can only be as good as they are pretty.

Secondly, it is damaging to their self esteem.

Thirdly, it is Music Elitism, It is BULLYING and it has got to stop.



3 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg is acting like the little b*tch he named himself after. [IGGY AZALEA]

  1. This is such a good point! I read about this feud in Mx and initially though ‘haha amusing’, but only until further thought did I realise that this wasn’t an equal playing ground, or two similar artists having a casually antagonistic fight about nothing – like you mentioned, Snoop Dog attacks not only all women, but assaults Iggy Azalea about her looks, her talent and her relationship. While Snoop Dog claimed it all as a ‘joke’, it is laughable to assume that he meant nothing he was saying, which indicates a profound lack of respect for a highly successful artist in the same field as himself and a petty, childish man who takes pleasure in being cruel to others. All music artists are successful in their own right if they are doing what they love, and Iggy Azalea makes undeniable hit music, something for which she should be respected and admired. It’s a cause for celebration when a female artist makes it big, because the music industry is still widely dominated by men. Iggy’s success in itself is stopping music elitism (at least in some ways!)

    The sad thing is that Snoop Dog’s vaguely ‘valid’ complaint is lost in his tirade, and loses credence when he attacked Iggy Azalea to further his point.. there is a long history in America of traditionally ‘black’ music, style, culture becoming palatable only once it is manufactured into areas of white culture for the white mainstream population. Take for example the idea of ‘ratchet’, exemplified by Miley Cyrus in her latest album (quite clear in the We Can’t Stop music video), which when taken on and expressed by a white young female is seen as cool and ‘urban’, yet for a black person to be called ratchet is often meant as an insult, similar to the way black ‘thugs’ are referred. Case in point: Iggy Azalea has become successful in what is traditionally a style of black music, and while she might be a great artist, she will profit from ascribing certain aspects of ‘blackness’ to her music and style, but will never be burdened by the realities of being black. So maybe it’s a tiny bit possible that Snoop Dog was trying to stop music elitism in his own weird way??? unfortunately, we’ll never know
    #stopmusicelitism is a great campaign in more ways than one as it opens our eyes to the issues that exist behind the music!!

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  2. I wrote an extremely long response to this and it disappeared! Don’t you hate it when that happens?

    I am going to try and condense my points now though! I love your thoughts on the issue, I generally agree that culturally rooted problems could definitely be coming into play with Snoop Dogg’s actions. Whilst the article title is quite harsh towards him, I can see how
    he may validify himself by claiming that Iggy is taking the ‘ White Man Savior’ role in society. However, his actions are still extremely offensive.

    I think rap was becoming more mainstream years before Iggy came onto the scene and the reason that Iggy has more white and mainstream fans probably has to do with the fact that they have a stronger cultural connection as for the most part her rapping does not resemble the ‘ black mans plight’ despite that being the genre’s basis.
    I can only hope that rap is becoming more popular in general because the cultural problems of equality are getting smaller.
    #STOPMUSICELITISM is all about using music equality as a basis for showing that if we can get this right, so many of the deeper rooted problems can be solved with an extra bit of kindness and consideration.

    Thanks so much for your comment! I am so glad you support the cause!


  3. I don’t think anybody’s still figured out why Snoop felt the need to randomly attack in the first place? Either way, if his beef was about her being some kind of commercial ‘sell-out’, he needs to look in the damn mirror. If anyone’s doing the culture of hip-hop any kind of disservice, it’s him.


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